Holy Cow Café

Located in the EMU Student Union Building on the University of Oregon campus, the Holy Cow Café has operated since 1997. We specialize in organic vegetarian comfort foods from around the world.

Call (541) 346-2562 or (541) 346-6795 for current schedule. Ask about today's specials or to arrange take out.

Ten Reasons To Eat At Holy Cow:

  1. Our food tastes great (ask for a sample)!
  2. We make it from scratch.
  3. We buy organic (almost 100 %).
  4. We buy local (ask who picked your salad).
  5. We're vegetarian (mostly vegan).
  6. We use pure, natural ingredients only.
  7. We filter our water.
  8. We compost.
  9. We recycle.
  10. We believe one's food choices are a powerful political statement.